APC To Ikpeazu: Abia Not A Hamlet You Rule Anyhow, Appoint Commissioners Now

Abia State chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC has called on the state governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu to immediately appoint Commissioners in his government, warning that the state is not a hamlet where he can rule anyhow he may choose to.

The party expressed displeasure that four months after the disengagement of the Commissioners, retaining only the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Commissioner for Information, and the Commissioner for Health, the Governor is yet to name his full cabinet members.

In a statement signed by the state Publicity Secretary of the party, Comrade Benedict Godson, made available to ABN TV, the APC wondered how the allocations meant for the ministries in the 2021 fiscal year are being spent, warning that the state government should not derail from how a government should operate.

The statement titled ‘Gov. Ikpeazu must realize that Abia is not a hamlet where anyone can govern anyhow’ This partly reads, “Everyone in Nigeria is aware that Gov Ikpeazu, dissolved Abia State Executive Council in January, retaining only the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Commissioner for Information and the Commissioner for Health.

“This decision of the Governor to dissolve the Executive Council retaining only 3 Commissioners was wildly reported. It actually means that about 23 Commissioners were removed making such positions vacant since January 2021.

“How can this be? Majority of them are meant to execute all what’s approved for their ministries in the 2021 Budget. They made inputs on how those ministries will be run this year, why are we derailing from how government should operate?

“The most embarrassing of all these dramas is that the Governor still goes about referring to some of the people he never announced that he retained as Commissioners.

“We have heard him of recent talking about Commissioners for this and that especially for works when it was obvious that he never announced their reinstatement.

“This Press Statement is meant to ask the Gov Ikpeazu to tell Abians what kind of shadow Commissioners he’s using in Abia. It is also meant to remind him that Abia is not a hamlet he can administer as he feels.

“If the previous Commissioners are people of questionable characters, are there no other qualified Abians you can replace them with?

“Why is Gov Ikpeazu finding it difficult to replace them? What’s holding him? Is 4 months not enough? Is there something happening behind that Abians need to know? Gov Ikpeazu please tell us?

“Yes, as a Governor he has right to remove any of his employees, but courtesy demands that he administer Abia as a state, not a Social Club where he owes nobody any explanations.”

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