Sat Guru Maharaji Supports Sunday Igboho, Oduduwa Nation

Spiritual leader and founder of One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaji says he is solidly behind the agitation of the Oduduwa nation as championed by a freedom fighter, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho

This was revealed when Sunday Igboho paid a courtesy visit to the Maharaji religious village situated in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Monday.

In a viral video, as reported by the BBC Yoruba, Igboho commended Maharaji for throwing his weight behind the agitation of the Oduduwa nation which has gained prominence recently.

Igboho also urged Maharaji to publicly declare his support for the emancipation of the sovereign Yoruba nation, adding that Yoruba youths need his encouragement.

Reacting, Maharaji said all gods and oracles in Yorubaland stand with Igboho on his position on self-determination of Yoruba nation.

“All Sunday Igboho’s services and activities are geared towards preventing the fall and annihilation of the Yoruba race, and I’m certain that all gods in the land are with him.

“And he’s doing what is necessary to achieve this, so that there won’t be trouble, because I can tell you that the Yoruba political leaders are incapacitated by this agitation.

“We are not angry with other tribes, but we can’t be here suffering hunger and other injustices meted out to us. We cannot say our fortune and comfort are in heaven, we have to liberate ourselves while we are still here on earth,” Maharaji said.

The religious leader appealed to people to give their support to Igboho.

Maharaji also called on South-West governors to have the interest of Oduduwa agitators in their agenda, stressing that they should not expose them to any danger.

“Give them operational vehicles to facilitate the agitation. This is how the United States, Japan and other developing countries support their human rights activists. When they see truthful people, they support them. Don’t be frightened. Oduduwa is here,” Maharaji added.

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