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New Glory Assembly Church, Bayelsa held their 15years Anniversary in grand style. Right from the street where the church was installed was crowded with members and guest cars systematically packed by the church traffic officers.

From the church entrance there was welcoming officers in a unique and smart dresses. They all hold a welcome placard that attract passing by to even look side and attend the program.

Getting to the church auditorium, the chairs were arranged in a good manner, and ushers took the worshippers to a comfortable seat.

At 9:00am, the opening prayer was observed with light worship songs, after that, Bible study class kick start with a topic Arise taken from Ephesians 5:14.

Immediately after the bible study class, praise and worship was observed by the church choir in which changes the church atmosphere where every worshippers experience the presence of the holy spirit.

Every stages assigned with the program were great. Especially children presentation with christianity dancing moves, choir ministrations was great in spirit, special numbers, testimonies and unique sermon from the host pastor Apostle Monty Abraham.

Different personalities was present at the 15years Anniversary likes of the wife of the state Governor, Commissioners likes of Agriculture who even gave a special number to appreciate God’s grace and perfection to the church and every soul present.

Apostle and Mrs. Monty Abraham were full of joy and dancing steps were uncountable by everyone present in the anniversary.

All invited pastors, guest, government office holders, churches, Ijaw youth Council representative and lots were present. The children were on uniform, likes of the church women with their white and yellow uniform. The church ushers also were on their black shirt with red tie.

The Anniversary sermon topic is called The power of Voice. Which was taken by Apostle Monty Abraham, the church pastor. He picked his sermon from Genesis 41: 9, and 1st samuel 16:13, 18-19

In life, you need a voice that will speak for you. God has positioned people who will speak on your behalf for you to fulfill your destiny, and until these people raise their voices to speak for you at places and times that matter, your life might experience undue delays.

God uses men to favour you in order to realize your destiny.
In Gen 41: 9, Joseph was released from prison because the chief butler spoke about him to Pharaoh. Even though he had a revelation of his kingly destiny and lived a righteous life, it was recommendation that took Joseph to the Palace.

You have not been able to fulfill your destiny because somebody has not raise his or her voice, somebody must be in a position and be willing at the appropriate place to raise his or her voice for you.

May those whom God has assigned to raise their voice on your behalf never be lacking in your life in Jesus name.

The Anniversary was talk of the town with people dancing to glorify the goodness of their lord in everyone’s life.

Happy 15 years Anniversary New Glory Assembly, Bayelsa.

Report of the event covered by neighborhoodmic media

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