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Yahaya Bello: Let Us Restructure, Allow Younger People Take Control

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello has backed his colleagues from the southern part of the country, saying Nigeria should embrace restructuring.

State governors from the southern part of the country had on Tuesday met in Asaba and issued a communique in which they demanded the immediate restructuring of Nigeria and the banning of open grazing in their areas of jurisdiction.

Speaking during an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Bello said the younger Nigerians should be allowed to take charge of the nation’s affairs.

“Let us restructure and allow the younger generations take over the leadership of this country,” Governor Bello said. “The level from some certain quarters where restructuring is sounding so loud let us look back into history.”

He asked, “How were they able to perform while giving a leadership position in this country? Some of us that are in positions of authority today, how have we taken the people seriously by implementing programmes that touch the lives of the people?”

When asked if his administration has banned open grazing in Kogi State, Governor Bello replied in the negative.

He explained that the decision of the state government not to ban open grazing in the state is because no position has been made yet for ranching.

While noting that Kogi cannot chase away the many Fulani people whom he said have been living peacefully with other residents of the state, he added that his administration would deploy a means of integrating them.

Part of integrating them, he explained, was to ensure that the conflict between the farmers and herders do not exist.

He admitted that since he assumed office in 2016, he inherited the problem, noting that he was able to solve the issue with the cooperation of residents of the state.

Bellow added, “I have not banned open grazing in Kogi State because there is no provision for ranching yet. Should I send the millions of Fulani people that have been living peacefully with us away?”

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