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Igbos Have So Much In Lagos, Can’t Think Of Attacking It ― Ohanaeze

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo has condemned any act that will lead to breach of peace and order in Lagos State.

Reacting to the said intelligent reports that members of IPOB are planning to unleash mayhem in some parts of Lagos State, Chief Everest Ozonweke the secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos reassured that “Ndigbo are not violent people nor are we known with act of violence.

“We have so much at stake to contemplate any act of violence in Lagos State. Lagos remains the highest concentration of Ndigbo also the second home of Ndigbo outside Igbo land.”

He continued: “The Government and good people of Lagos through their hospitable gestures have rekindled the light of hope and trust between Ndigbo and our host communities in Lagos State.

“We have so much at stake and cannot indulge in any act that will bridge this harmonious peace we have in Lagos State. We are calling on any group or group of persons nursing such devilish ideas of attacking any part of Lagos to know the place of Lagos State in the geographical map of Nigeria, they must know that heavy consequences await anyone that crosses the red line.

“We commend the Lagos State security agencies for their prompt actions as well as their readiness to protect life and properties of Lagosians. We also request for proper investigation of these claims to avoid pointing accusing fingers at the innocent and putting them in harms way.

“Our primordial concept while we embark on any sojourn is to leave the place better than we met it. We are Nation Builders, not destroyers.”

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