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Digitisation: How we can provide a lifeline for small businesses @ OWO. Pet project of Olanrewaju Omo George (CEO).

It’s no secret: without small businesses, the global economy would falter. Small-to-medium-sized enterprises support an incredible seven out of every 10 jobs around the world1. Yet, this vital group has suffered cataclysmic losses over the past decades . Adding to the lack business initiatives by the locals who are predominantly unskilled pedestrian entrepreneurs. The undermining of small scale businesses in Nigeria is contributing to serious economic collapse and increasing the poverty rate in our nation.

Small firms may be innovative and agile, but they lack the cash reserves and bargaining power of big corporations. Also the expertise advice on how to properly manage their business so they can be competitive. Small scale business being the most affected by social natural, and economic environmental disaster, became a challenge for Olanrewajuomogeorgefoundation with the understanding, eradicating poverty isn’t just by charity but Educational empowerment and creating awareness.

Accordingly OWO Radio program was Birthed by OOGF to Empower, Educate, and help small scale business owners in Ogun state become more competitive and shun iconoclast superstitious beliefs prominently and predominantly within our community.

OWO Radio Program the first of its kind in South West Nigeria will be one year in August 2021. Join OWO @PARAMOUNT FM 94.5 every Saturday from 11:15am – 12:00noon. And get professional expertise attention on how to help your business grow.. it’s a call in program (Pe si..08075711440).

Soon we are taking the program once a every month to all major market outlets in Ogun state and all its localities where indigenous people of Ogun state and all its residents will have the opportunity to engage professionals who will help to answer and find solutions to numerous challenges facing small scales and large businesses. Please stay tuned..

Ify Chegwe

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