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Our Abductors Vowed To Kill Us, Watch Cows Step On Our Intestines — ABSU Student

The last is yet to be heard about the students of Abia State University Uturu who allegedly escaped from kidnappers along Okigwe-Uturu road as one of them whose identity could not be verified said their abductors vowed to slaughter them and watch their cows step on their (victims) intestines.

Narrating her ordeal in a viral audio recording obtained by ABN TV, the escapee victim said the incident happened at about 8pm.

Trouble started when she along with other passengers numbering about 9 in total boarded a newly acquired Sienna vehicle belonging to their friend, Chris who was incidentally going their direction.

She said the journey was smooth until they reached a point riddled with many potholes, causing their driver, Chris to slow the speed at which he was moving.

According to her, it was at this moment that heavily armed men numbering about 10 came from the push, threatening to kill them.

She further noted that in an attempt to escape, their vehicle ran into a ditch, causing the doors to shut, making it difficult for them to escape.

Luck however ran out of them as their abductors broke the car windows, harvesting them one after the other.

Her saving grace however was when she lied on the floor, weeping and begging the abductors to spare her, offering her phone and money which they rejected, insisting that they don’t want anything from them.

Even their threats to kill could not make her go into the forest where they have taken others to.

When they could not bear her delay, they left her.

She further said around 4am the next day, she called her friend who was among those kidnapped.

Her friend identified as UG told her that they were lucky to escape when their abductors fell asleep.

She added her friend UG told her that from the point where their abductors took them to, they were only a shouting distance from Enugu.

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