Uzodimma: Despite Attacks In Imo, The People Are Happier Under My Administration

Imo State Governor Hope Uzodimma on Tuesday said the residents of the state are much happier with his government despite series of attacks on government properties and security officials by criminal elements.

He also denied reports of tension in the state, saying those claiming there is rising tension in the state are only doing so on social media.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television programme ‘Politics Today’ monitored by DAILY INDEPENDENT, the governor claimed most of the attacks are targeted at states controlled by the All Progressives Congress (APC) by opposition elements.

He said the names of the perpetrators and their sponsors will be revealed soon after the investigation has been concluded.

“What you call tension is maybe on the social media. Come to Imo state, go around the streets and feel the mood of the people.

“You will agree with me that the people are even happier apart from the ugly incidents of this banditry and attacks on government facilities and security agencies that we noticed of late, which like I said earlier that we have deployed the proper strategy to confront those attacks”.

When asked if he will declare a curfew as done in Rivers state, the governor said he has not taken the decision so as not to cripple economic activities in the state.

“We have peculiarities and the strategy that may work in Rivers state may not work in Imo state. Here in Imo, if it becomes necessary to impose a curfew, I will but at the moment, we have not considered it necessary to impose curfew because we should also think of the economic consequences of imposing curfew and strangulating small scale businesses around here.

“But it is also important that we look for ways of containing the situation without visiting hardship on the citizenry. For now, my preoccupation is to occupy the space and provide adequate security that will guarantee an environment that will allow my people to do their business without any fear or molestation.”

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