OMG rehabilitate EWUGA estate road in Shagamu, Ogun state with tractors to grade the bad roads in the estate. Users of this roads were happy to see such assistance from Olanrewaju Michael George for his kind gesture in making life easy for every occupant’s in the stated area.

OMG sent his warm greetings to everyone in that area, said his wish is to take away pains and agony away from this people, eradicate poverty and youths wastefulness within his Community and Federal Constituency at large.

He further said that same gestures will be extended to other areas within the Federal constituency, he now requested for more time and total patience in order for his team to bring relief to them.

The beneficiaries are all sending prayers to this great philanthropist called Olanrewaju Michael George for remembering them in their estate even though they do not even expect such from any individual who is not in government.

OMG said is part of his program to assist this ongoing Adminstration of His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun (MFR) in making life easy to the state and Remo Federal Constituency. OMG has more trust in all the policy and programs of this present Adminstration, that is the reason why he key into all that are necessary to improve human life and maximum relief of pains and unavailability of government benefits to the people in Remo Federal Constituency.

Olanrewaju Michael George said all what he is doing are all for human benefits, and growing a Community where everyone can enjoy life and have a solid plan for the future.

He further said that everyone in Remo Federal Constituency should be their brother’s keeper, while doing that, we can live without fear and also encourage the youths to stay away from violence and another criminal activities, they should be ready to do better than him when they have chance of giving back to their Community.

Good bless Remo Federal Constituency.

God bless Ogun State.

God bless Nigeria.

OMG Media Team

Reporting for Olanrewaju Michael George.

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