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LASG Prohibits Illegal Occupation Of Abandoned And Buildings Under Constrution


As part of measures to curtail security challenges in the State, the Lagos State Government has prohibited the illegal occupation of abandoned buildings and others under construction in the State.

The Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Dr. Idris Salako, in a statement made available on Friday, stated that the move became necessary in view of the security challenges in the Nation and the need to curtail the spread of the ugly situation to the State.

“Lagos State Government has observed with dismay the security challenges in the Nation at large and clearly understands the danger posed by the likely spread of this ugly situation to our dear State”, he said.

Salako noted that some hoodlums and social miscreants have continued to convert abandoned buildings and construction sites to their haven as well as launching pad to perpetrate mischief and pose serious danger to the sanity and sanctity of the State.

The Commissioner averred that his Ministry has resolved to wield the powers vested in it by Section 73 of the Lagos State Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law 2019 as amended, in order to ensure that all parts of the State remain safe, secure, sanitised and sustainable.

In his words: “For the peace and tranquility of the State, members of the public are enjoined to abide by stipulated conditions, including the obligation of Owners/Developers of any uncompleted or existing building to ensure that the property is in proper environmental, safe and sanitation conditions and that no construction worker must remain within the premises of buildings undergoing construction beyond 6.00 pm daily”.

While emphasising that no abandoned building must be used for criminal activities, the Commissioner warned that Property Owners and Developers must heed the stated conditions, otherwise defaulting buildings shall be sealed off and further actions taken where necessary.

“Owners/Developers, who fail to comply with the above conditions within 30 days, would have their buildings sealed and further actions will be taken where necessary”, Salako asserted.

He assured that Government was committed to ensuring livability, the safety of lives and property as well as security of all residents in Lagos State.

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