The results of a study revealed that despite the fact that youth account for the high proportion (seventy percent and more) of the Nigerian population, they are extremely excluded from socio-economic and political spheres.

Though some legal protections and advocacies have been attempted by Nigerian Youths, most of youth-related policies and programmes are paper values.

Hence, it is high time that Nigeria as a country should create enabling and youth-friendly environments that pave the way for an effective and meaningful youth political participations. Likewise, facilitating youth inclusion in the national electoral and consultation processes is another means for upgrading the level of political participation of youth.

Finally, if the Nation is not proactive towards their youth population, it may become a ticking political time bomb. Thus, young people should have a voice in their own future.

Dear Remo youths, let’s all sing OMG with a voice of unison, let’s dance OMG in common steps. Olanrewaju Omo George is our own, a youth, a visionary one for that matter.

Support OMG for Rep, REMO Federal Constituency, 2023.

OMG ….. Bonded in love for development (ifesowapo fun Idagbasoke)

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